Yoga For Weight Loss Guide

yoga for weight loss

Yoga supports physical, mental, and spiritual development that can lead you to create the best version of yourself and to make peace with your mind and body at the same time. This is why we are bringing you our Yoga for Weight Loss Guide!

The awareness gained through a gentle and relaxing yoga practice helps you to lose weight.

The Powerful Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has powerful benefits for body and mind and now we know it helps to lose weight!

 We will explain why Yoga is the answer to your problems with fat burning.

Before, let’s try to clarify what is weight loss and how new scientific research is opening space for modalities such as Yoga to be an option for those who want to lose weight.

What is the best to Lose Weight?

The answer is yoga is the best for weight loss and it’s one healthy way to get the job done.

Running burn fat for the simple fact of increasing the metabolism and caloric expenditure of the body, but it is not very effective for toning the muscles.

Running too much can still burn part of the muscle tissue to get the energy needed, which is bad for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

The gym is a good exercise for those who want stronger muscles, but it does not have the mental benefits that Yoga brings, such as tension relief and improved sleep.

Focus on what your goal is to keep you on track, especially if that path is long.

If your goal is to lose weight, do Yoga!

yoga for weight loss

Depending on intensity, you can lose up to 298 calories in just one session.

Isometric poses – those that require a little more force – help you increase flexibility and muscle tone without forcing your joints!

This combination of dynamic movements and isometric poses makes Yoga a powerful ally for weight loss.

Yoga for weight loss: You are what you eat!

Eating fewer calories than what you spend is the best way to lose weight, but the quality of food is just as important as the number of calories.

Recent research indicates that the beginning of any weight change has to come from a balanced diet. So, remember that all you have to make double efforts in order to achieve your goals.

Don’t forget to check out our tips for a healthy breakfast menu to lose weight.

Okay, but what about Yoga in that?

Yoga has everything to do with it, especially by the bodily awareness that this practice gives you.

Meditation and breathing exercises help you become more aware of what you ingest, as you can see the effects that each meal has on your body.

You will understand that less is more and that the right foods are better than certain foods.

Sleep a lot

One of the pieces of this puzzle called weight loss is sleep.

When you sleep badly (or little) the price to pay is much higher than being in a bad mood.

Lack of sleep inhibits leptin – the satiety hormone – and stimulates ghrelin – the hunger hormone.

What does that mean?

That the lack of sleep makes you cash in the food, meaning sleeping well helps you to keep dieting!

Experts confirm that the ideal is to rest between 7 and 9 hours a night to keep your hormones and weight on track!

Since Yoga is a moderate stimulus, it does not overload the nervous system and the heart.

The relaxation promoted by it relieves stress and improves control of the mind, essential so that we can disconnect from any problem at bedtime.

The better the sleep, the less the desire to eat out of time and the greater the satiety – which closes this cycle.

yoga for weight loss

Stress can be fattening

The findings confirmed that yoga practice acts on the hypothalamus (a region of the human brain) by reducing the level of stress (and cortisol), bringing relief to the symptoms of depression and sadness.

With controlled cortisol, the body’s sensitivity to insulin effect is lower, improving digestion and controlling blood sugar levels.

The carbohydrate that would turn into fat goes into daily energy expenditure and will not stop in your belly!

Also, decreasing anxiety is also important because it can act as an excuse for you to attack the refrigerator in the middle of the night or have an extra sandwich for dinner.

Did you know that tea can help you reduce stress and helps fat burning? Check it out!

Yoga for Weight Loss: Mind and Body in One Goal

Yoga is not just a physical exercise – it’s a decision, a change, a lifestyle. It affects your body and especially your head, which makes you accept (and know) your physical type and lose weight making better and healthier choices for your life.

Recapping everything we said. With a greater body awareness you can see how even small attitudes impact him:

  • You notice how fatty foods make you heavy and stomach hurts and start to change your diet.
  • You feel the endorphins acting after exercise and become addicted.
  • Find the best times to eat and do not wait for the hungry to eat.
  • Accept your body as it is and visualize it through meditation where you want to go and how to do it.

133 pounds less with Yoga

There were a lot of people’s stories to prove that Yoga helps weight loss, right? There is no doubt.

The secret is the blend of direct benefits – such as burning calories – with the indirect benefits of yoga for weight loss.

Decreased anxiety, healthy blood sugar levels and improved sleep are the results that come from yoga.

You can be able to lose weight fast with yoga – almost 10 pounds per month in just over a year.

How to do Yoga?

Yoga is an excellent ally of weight loss because it attacks all the problems that make you fat: stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, excessive hunger and still great for burning calories and building muscles.

yoga for weight loss

What are you waiting for?

The greatest doubt of people in relation to Yoga is not in the benefits that this practice brings, but rather how to put Yoga in its routine. The fears are many: having an injury, not knowing how to do, not having results… Therefore, it is advisable to look for people who understand what you are talking about.

Some people choose to do yoga in the gym and end up getting frustrated with the results. You pay dearly, you have to obey the pre-established times, which sometimes do not beat with your own and follow the pace of class (which is sometimes not yours).

So the tip of the day is something new; bring the benefits of Yoga into your home!

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