4 Super Tea Combinations That Will Help You Lose Weight

Well… Want to know more about tea?

There is a drink that even those who do not like rarely refuse to drink. Why? Because it brings dozens of benefits, among them one of the most desired: to lose weight. We are talking, of course, about tea, which is the second most consumed drink in the world.

They help reduce the water retention that we have in our skin; to keep the organs in full operation and they moisturize and quench hunger.

We can sometimes feel that we are chubby but in reality what we are is swollen with fluid retention – which makes the body look fatter.

Excess salt and the fact that we drink little water are potentiators of this effect in our body, causing the body the need to retain water. Diuretic teas help to stimulate the functioning of the kidneys by helping to eliminate that excess water that has been stored in our body and to reduce the swelling giving a feeling of lightness to the body.

If our body works better, we can easily lose the extra pounds, and if we have the help of diuretic and detoxifying teas, which help the body eliminate toxins and excess water.

One of women’s biggest problems is fluid retention, and as a consequence – Cellulite!
We should occasionally ask for help from these miracle teas!

There are several teas that can even be good allies to lose weight and fight abdominal fat.
However, there are some that seem to be more effective. If we combine them with other foods we can promote greater weight loss.

This does not mean that drinking tea is the secret formula for weight loss. You should not stop eating healthy and part training. Quite the inverse, you must keep them and make them part of your routine. Teas suggested by the expert will only help you achieve results faster.

Note this Tea Combinations

Green tea with lemon

green tea with lemon

The catechins in green tea help accelerate metabolism and burn fat, while lemon promotes a sense of satiety and facilitates digestion,” explains nutritionist Bárbara de Almeida Araújo.

How to prepare: Heat 200 milliliters of water until boiling, add a spoon of green tea and half lemon juice. Cover and let stand for five minutes. Finally, you should strain it before drinking.

Hibiscus tea with ginger

Hibiscus prevents fluid retention and facilitates digestion, while ginger has thermogenic properties, accelerating metabolism. This is one of the greatest combinations.

How to prepare: Heat 500 milliliters of water until boiling, add a spoon of hibiscus tea and a spoon of chopped ginger. Then leave it to stand for 10 minutes. Coe before drinking.

White tea with cinnamon

white tea

Like green tea, white tea is rich in catechins and it promotes weight loss, and it seems to slow or prevent the formation of adipocytes. Cinnamon is thermogenic – that helps burn more calories and fat.

How to prepare: Heat about 200 milliliters of water until boiling and add two tablespoons of shallow white tea leaves and a cinnamon stick. Let it stand for 10 minutes. Coar before drinking.

Pineapple tea with mint

mint tea

Pineapple has diuretic and digestive properties, helping in the elimination of liquids. Mint is digestive and helps reduce swollen belly sensation. That is why you should privilege this combination when you want to lose weight.

How to prepare: Put the half-pineapple peels in a 1l of water, and boil for three minutes. Then, turn it off and add five mint leaves. Let stand for five minutes. Must strain before drinking.

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