11 Tips For a Healthy Breakfast Menu to Lose Weight


There are lots of tips for a healthy breakfast menu we can give you to lose weight. We bring you the best breakfast ideas for you to pump up your morning.

You should know that there is not just one type of breakfast that helps you lose weight, there are no magic formulas that will lose 20 or 30 pounds in a very short time.

It’s shocking how many people do not eat anything in the morning! This is a fairly common mistake that acts like a snowball. If you skip breakfast, soon you will eat too much and wrongly in the next meals.

It is preferable to eat “anything fast” than not to eat anything for breakfast.

Never skip the most important meal of the day: Breakfast

Want a healthy breakfast outside? Another common mistake is eating out. Going to the cafe because it is on the way to work is so bad played.

This is what might happen if you choose to eat out:
You enter the cafe you see that showcase full of cakes, you smell the toast with butter and you get lost into that.

A true healthy breakfast for weight loss is only achieved by doing it at home and knowing the products used.

There is also the myth that it is necessary to waste a lot of time to have a healthy breakfast in the morning. Wrong!

We can have a healthy breakfast to lose weight in less than 10 minutes.

Protein in Healthy Breakfast to Lose Weight

Most people discard protein at the first meal of the day.

To be a true healthy breakfast menu to lose weight you have to bet on this nutrient.

There are lots of quality protein that we can eat for breakfast, which are the ones that will contribute to fat burning and to muscle building and maintenance.

An ideal “first meal of the day” has at least 25gr of protein. 
Eggs, yogurt, quark cheese, whey or turkey ham are good choices as a protein source.

Oh, and the complex carbohydrates should be there too!

Why is it our favorite meal?

There are studies that claim that people who eat more at breakfast do not gain more than 800 grams in 4 years, so it’s okay if you overeat at this meal.

The trick is in what to eat because not everything is allowed. Anything that has white flour, sugar or bad fats can be left aside. Like:

  • White bread
  • Fat Butters
  • Marmalades, Sweets and Jams
  • Pork Ham
  • Sugar Cookies and Cereals
  • Cakes with or without cream
  • Milk with chocolate

You should choose healthy foods (as in the list below) and you should eat and feel practically satiated.

11 Ideas for a Healthy Breakfast to Lose Weight

You can choose what you like the most so you can keep this type of meal as long as possible. Adjust, refine and adapt to your caloric needs every food presented here.

Integral Bread with Slim Ham

It’s the basic. Swap white bread and pork ham for dark bread and turkey or chicken ham so you have a healthy breakfast to lose weight.

The same for butter, which you should exchange for healthy peanut butter or even avocado, which is a great source of fat.

It’s these little exchanges that count towards the end day.  Don’t be afraid of the bread. If it is integral or dark it means that it is a complex carbohydrate – it will be absorbed slowly by the body throughout the morning leaving you more satiated.

Omelettes and Egg Whites

There is no healthier breakfast to lose weight than an omelette with an egg and 5 egg whites.

Eggs, especially the egg whites, are very satisfying and a great protein source.


Oats are a complex carbohydrate and therefore are slowly absorbed by the body. In this way you are satiated for a long time, which avoids those peaks of sudden hunger at mid-morning.

In addition it also has a good amount of vegetable protein, which is good for fat loss and for the contribution of maintenance and muscle growth.


Forget cereal boxes. These are full of sugar and are one of the worst ways to start the day.

You can eat granola in the morning. There are lots of brands and flavors and if you want you can even make your own.


Protein Shakes

When we are out of time in the morning, protein shakes can make a good meal.

Combine a banana, 25gr of protein, half a scoop of peanut butter and 250ml of skim milk in a blender and you’ll have a shake full of important macronutrients.

Of course it’s not the same as a real breakfast but it’s quite healthy and the best is that it will leave you sated enough.


Oatmeal, rice or even almond. Pancakes with good flour make a healthy meal.

To make the pasta use 1 egg, 60gr of oatmeal, 1 ripe banana and 2 fingers of milk. Blend everything and bring to an anti-stick skillet with a little coconut oil. Turn when you’re ready.

Use light products or fresh fruit for toppings. You can also add vanilla protein to give more flavor and proteinize this healthy breakfast to lose weight.


This is a super easy breakfast to make and does not take anything at all – it’s even easier than making pancakes.

Just take a little tapioca to an anti-stick frying pan until they take shape. You don’t even need water! 


The muesli, despite having some sugar, can give a great healthy breakfast, since it is rich in complex cereals that give energy.

You can find a lot of varieties that are very good nutritionally.

Greek Yogurt with Healthy Toppings

The Greek yogurt is one of the bests to eat and make recipes with it – especially the light versions.

Yogurts are super versatile! With more 3 or 4 ingredients we can make a different breakfast every day and super healthy. The idea is to go alternating from used toppings.

220 grams of Greek yogurt has only 110 calories and 10 grams of protein. For toppings you can (and should) make a reinforcement with a handful of dried fruits to sweeten the breakfast.

greek yogurt

Mug Cakes (in the Microwave)

How about a quick healthy cookie for breakfast?

Usually this type of cakes take less than 10 minutes to prepare and they have all the essential nutrients to start the day in the best way.

Hydrates are almost always complex, good quality protein and fat.


Coffee, tea, skim milk, almond, oatmeal or soy drink. All of these are good choices for a healthy breakfast to lose weight.

The important thing is that you never put sugar in your morning drink!

If you can not drink a sugar-free coffee try sweetener, which is a healthy alternative to refined sugar.

So, this is our morning breakfast ideas! Hope you like it.

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