11 Simple Reasons Why You are Not Losing the First Pounds


There are some reasons that make it hard to lose the first pounds.
The good news is you can easily avoid them. Get to know this list that will change your life

Stop consuming sugar sweets: check. 
Eat in a balanced way every three hours: check. 
Train every week: check. 
If you are this and still can not lose the first few pounds, maybe you are missing out on the simplest things. But not everything is bad, since they are easy to correct.

One thing is certain: spending hours sitting on the couch watching TV while eating too many calories will not help you achieve your goal. Besides the sedentary lifestyle have a negative impact on health, it also influences the metabolism.

“Maintaining our accelerated metabolism is essential for weight loss and maintenance”

Introducing daily foods like green tea, cinnamon, ginger and chilli can help. But it is not enough.

Did you know that snacking fruit throughout the day can be a tragic mistake? Sleep hours can also have a great impact on the success or disgrace of the diet.

Check out these 11 simple reasons that are not letting you lose the first few pounds. 

Not knowing what healthy eating is

If you are a fan of the supposed digestive wafers eaten in the middle of the morning or the breakfast cereal fitness, maybe that is the main reason you’re not losing weight.

The fact that a product has written on the packaging diet or fitness does not mean that they do not have sugar in their composition.

burger beside fried potatoes with drinking glass

Restrict Calories

Diets that are too restrictive in caloric terms can be one of the causes why your metabolism is slow and therefore not able to lose weight. 

In order to lose weight, it is necessary to have a calorie deficit. But this can be counterproductive if you do it on a regular basis and your caloric intake is lower than it should be. Why?
Because our body ends up spending less and storing more to avoid future needs.

Basically, our body does not know how long it will be deprived of nutrients. That is why it goes into survival mode and has this attitude.

Chew quickly

Eating quickly causes food to be eaten without being chewed. This hinders digestion.

There is one more problem: the fact that food reaches the intestine without being properly digested favors constipation and abdominal bloating. So it’s just a matter of being aware and remembering this before you start eating.

Choose the light products

Artificial sweeteners can cause changes in the intestinal flora and increase blood sugar levels, contrary to what is intended with their consumption.

Several researches indicate that people who consume only light products end up ingesting the same calories as people who don’t. 

This is because they think they can eat light products as much as they want, and that’s not true.

Drinking not enough water

Water is essential for the proper functioning of our body, including metabolism. When we drink little water, our metabolism tends to decrease, so remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. It makes a difference.


Spend the day eating fruit

The idea that everything that is in excess does no good is right.

 The fruit is healthy and should be part of a healthy diet, but without exaggeration, since they are foods that have a lot of sugar (despite being natural).

According to the nutritionist, eating five pieces of fruit a day is not suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight. The ideal is two to three pieces.

Ingesting too little protein

An adequate intake of protein will help you stay sated and can even speed up your metabolism. 

Drink soft drinks

This is not new. Soda is a poor alliance of health in general. 

Frequent consumption is associated with an increase in fat accumulation, especially in the abdominal area. Consequently, it ends up contributing to a decrease in metabolism.


Eating too much for being in the gym

Being there at the gym does not mean that you can eat more or whatever you want.

Only 20 percent of weight loss is due to exercise. This means that the remaining 80 percent are food related and depend on you.

Sleep badly

No, the problem is not just the food. 

Thyroid problems, use of oral contraceptives, poor sleep and accumulated stress can cause hormonal changes that interfere with our metabolism and therefore make it difficult to lose weight.

Attention to intestinal flora

The intestinal flora (the set of bacteria that colonize the gastrointestinal tract) plays an important role in obesity, fat accumulation and energy metabolism.

Several researches have shown that the composition of the intestinal flora of people with obesity seems to be different from the intestinal flora of thinner people. 

This difference could be caused by the fact that a diet high in fat and low in fiber can cause an imbalance in the flora, leading to the presence of certain bacteria to the detriment of others.

What’s the solution? Consume more probiotics as they can influence the presence of intestinal bacteria that help maintain a healthy weight. 
Fermented milks and yogurts are the best option. However, probiotics also exist in the form of dietary supplement.

Follow the tips if you want to start losing your first pounds.

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